Logistic Services to Vessels

We are specialists in providing logistic services to vessels for both incoming and outgoing cargo. Our experienced and professional staff handles all kinds of cargo, including seagoing, air and truck deliveries at Montevideo and Punta del Este, delivering to the very tight schedules of cruise vessels.
We are also logistics providers for cruise company vendors and handle picking and packing in our warehouse for such companies as Ecolab, Starboard Cruise Services, Steiner and Harding Bros.

One of the best port agents globally!

In our thirty years of experience, J.R. Williams is by far one of the most efficient and easy to work with port agents around the world.
We have presented them with some very unusual requests and they have always made every effort to assist and work with local authorities to understand a wide variety of special arrangements our expedition company has requested. One of the best port agents globally!
Lorraine Bets
Ship to Shore

A pleasure to work with

Always very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
Jax Gregorzik
Harding Bros

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